Monday 23 September 2013

Mulberry Treats*

I do like to imagine what I would spend an imagined lottery win on. What I would treat myself to if I was to coming into an imagined windfall. 

I am starting to think now, as I'm approaching 30, that I need to think about growing up. About saving up. About paying more into my pension. About looking more like the career woman I am. 

So these two came together (the treats and the respectable 29 year old worrying about turning 30), when I was browsing the John Lewis website. I was looking for inspiration, swooning over fashion I couldn't fit into, and dreaming of interior decor I may own someday. 

Then I saw this:


And I was distracted into looking at the Mulberry collection at John Lewis. I've never classed myself as an IT Bag type of gal - I classed my satchel as an investment piece! - but the muted tones, coupled with the versatility of the bags themselves had me studying the range with an renewed interest.

Ooooh, the earth tones and the simple but recognisable logo! This purse meets all of my Grown Up needs, according to the website:

  • Popper closure
  • 6 business or credit card slots
  • 2 internal compartments
  • 1 internal zipped compartment

But I have to say, I am a tactile girl when it comes to my leather goods. I like to touch, to smell the leather (if I was to have a favourite smell, it would probably be the smell of GOOD leather). I like to open the items, see just how much space I would have to play with!

So if I ever was to make this level of investment purchase, it would be instore. And after careful consideration!

However, it wouldn't stop me from perving on - sorry, perusing - the website and imagining my luck was in and my lottery numbers were the lucky ones!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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  1. Mulberry is lovely though if ever I win the lottery one of their bags will be mine!!! x

  2. You can never go wrong with a Mulberry!! I have one of these beauties on my birthday wish list! xx

  3. Although I love Mulberry, I just can't justify the cost. The amount I use my handbags they all get ruined. Maybe if they came with a guarantee...? And a price tag of under £200.