Monday 9 September 2013

Plus North Musings

Having just got back from the amazing and empowering weekend that was Plus North 2013, I am still buzzing. 

I'm outspoken, loud and giddy at the best of times. Add the buzz of this event, and I'm talking AT everyone I can about this wonderful event. 

I have a but though. (Not talking about my bum. Makes a change).

Last year was small, and mainly bloggers. This was lovely. 

This year was (to my memory) 5 times the size. And included other wonderful inspiring women (and their partners). 

The 'but' is this: not all of us were positive, or even neutral. There was a negative voice I kept hearing. 

This voice made me doubt myself greatly. 

This wasn't an inner voice, but actual voice belonging to an actual person. 

What am I wittering on about? When catwalking, and standing with the amazing ladies I got to share the experience with, a voice said 'It's not all about you, you know'. 

My heart sank, my paranoia set in, and I panicked. Had the people I had spoken to, in my loud and brash manner, taken what I had said, what I had done (whoooooping and cheering and generally being the Pep-Talking Mother Hen), as making the event about me?

This panic was abated by the lovely Elena(not Eleanor. No. Don't call her that!!) and Rachel, who were amazing. Dani V was like my very own body guard. And Em made me sing with joy at an un-solicited joyous comment. Lyndsey also gave me an adorable drunken pep-talk of my own. 

But see? See the effort needed to erase this off-hand, 'probably didn't mean it' comment? 

There will be a whole host of posts saying how amazing the event was, and it really really really was. Please don't take this as anything other than that. But think before you speak please my dearies. Please. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. It makes me sad that this happened. Whoever this person is obviously got you completely wrong! You did exactly the same thing last year and it was massively encouraging! You're brash and loud and I would say a lot of Plus Size babes love you for it! If not tough tits, because don't you dare change!

  2. Honestly, if I'd seen this happen I'd give that person a such a bloody earfull. Without you being as encouraging, welcoming and lovely I think I'd have bolted home before I went down the catwalk. I thought you were wonderfully supportive and that's the exact feeling I'd want in such a space.

  3. I have to say that you totally put me at my ease when we went into the area to get changed for modelling as my nerves were going- I think grabbing my boobs was the real ice-breaker!!! I thought you were fabulous as if we had all been po faced and miserable the event wouldn't have been successful. We needed that encouragement to work the catwalk! So no you my dear are fabulous xx

  4. I'm utterly appalled by this, and just look how many other people were angry too. You were one of my fave models, because you made it so funny and absolutely everyone was whooping etc, so I can't imagine you have been anything other than a delight! I don't think you are at all brash. You are kind and considerate and a joy to be around. Can totally understand why your paranoia would set in and I'm glad you got it off your chest, but this is definitely the person who said it's problem rather than yours. She may think it was all about you, but why wasn't she concentrating on enjoying herself rather than watching what you were doing? Vile behaviour. Sorry if it took a shine off the day for you. Hope you enjoyed the rest of it all. xxx

  5. Your whooping and cheering really helped me when I was having a wobble. Thank you for the encouragement :-) xx

  6. I thought you were brilliant! I wish I had been a bit more vocal but my nerves got to me & I wasnt even doing anything other than people watching.
    I thought the whole event was brilliant & loved the positive attitude (by most people).
    I came on my own & really enjoyed myself though I wish I had your confidence & had involved myself more.
    Bean x

    1. Same here, I came on my own and it was the first fat event I've ever been too and I had a wonderful time because it was so welcoming and friendly and positive. Like you I wish I'd involved myself more - I was a bit shy and didn't know what to say to all the bloggers I recognised.

      I thought Kathryn's enthusiastic cheering and encouragement of the models was great as if that had been me modelling I would have needed all the help I could get to get over nerves!


  7. I wasn't there but I've read umpteen blogs from people who were and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them (without fail) said how fantastic you were at cheering people on and making them feel amazing.

    It sounds like whoever said that to you has massive issues of their own they were projecting onto you. Hopefully they'll read this and think on themselves.

    L x

  8. Just read this. Can I just say your upbeat personality made my day and put me at ease and I think you're bloody lovely.
    The highlight of the Simply Be Catwalk for me was High Fiving you at the end!! So supportive of everyone. Don't ever change!!! xx

  9. That person was jealous of your confidence, nothing more. Fuck 'em.