Sunday 15 September 2013

Plus North - The Good Stuff Part 2

Not only did I have the pleasure of modelling during the day, I was asked by the lovely team at Scarlett & Jo to model in their evening catwalk. 

Whereas the day time catwalk was about our own hair and makeup (although if we wanted to, there was a team of MUA to help us out), the evening show had the theme of Hollywood glamour, and a team of 3 MUA to work their magic. 

MrsBeBe looking effortlessly glamorous, oozing sex appeal.

There was a lot of waiting around, either for there to be a slot free with the MUAs, or waiting for our hair to set, or just waiting. This was a bless though, as it meant I got to spend quality time with the beauties that were my fellow models:

Now, any normal social situation, that involved me sitting there with no make up on, and surrounded by ladies I've admired for a great while, would have had me retreat into a bubble - but this bunch of beauties? Well:

When my dress for the evening wasn't enough to contain my boobs, I tried a little improvisation to sort out the problem:

Using an ear stud - but this wasn't enough for the chief designer, so a quick tacking and it was all fixed!

Now, Hollywood glamour, to me, means soft waves, or pin up style rolls, not really much they can do with my short hair:

Ooooh, I was wrong! I felt very Chicago-esque with my sleeked down hair and red lips. I was set!!

My 'twin' Rachel, my vision Elena, and fiery redhead Kaye

I loved meeting the gorgeous Kim, and spending some time with Emma, as well as a chance to chat properly with Betty, from Pamper and Curves. I first met her at the main event, but as I was begging her for a favour, I wanted to make a better 2nd impression!

Rachel and I opened the show, as we were both in versions of the same dress:

My fellow models made this a joyous experience, where we supported and encouraged each other throughout the whole event:

I would like to thank the team at Scarlett & Jo for this complete one-off opportunity. I can't ever imagine having this empowering, sexy and confidence-boosting experience again. 

Unless of course, I wear one of these powerfit dresses in the office, and treat every trip to the canteen as my own personal catwalk that is!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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  1. You all look fabulous! Bummed I couldn't come to the evening event, looks like you had an amazing time. There is always next year though!