Tuesday 31 December 2013

Bringing in the New Year

Last year I was round at a friend's house for a house party. It involved curry, champagne and necklace making. 

The year before, I was sat in my parents sitting room feeling very very sorry for myself. 

This year, I am sat in my house (the old cupboard under the stairs to be exact), having planned all along to spend this evening here. 

It is my second NYE as a home owner, but the first spent here. It feels right, sitting here, explaining my plans to you all. 

I'm wearing this dress right now, because, if I had been going out somewhere, it would have been my dress of choice:

The initial trying on photo - with the belt that came with it
And now, as I'm staying in, eating fish and chips, ginger cake and cream, and some Thornton's Chocolates - no belt was the best option!
What is this dress?

It was bought from company called Hello Holiday who I happened across on twitter thanks to Sian, Rachel and Em. The cuteness of their website just screamed at me, and I knew I had to place an order!

Their plus size section (found under the heading "Va-Va-Voom!) is filled with interesting prints, cuts and designs. It is refreshing to see a new website, with different stock! It might just be in the UK, but when you can buy the same clothes in different stores, it becomes very 'samey' very quickly!

As well as this dress:

I picked up this top:

And, sadly, these shoes:

Which I ordered in my US size 10, but their straps came no where close to closing around my ankles, and my feet spilled over the sides. They'll be heading to eBay in a few months time. 

A question I've been asked all day: why am I getting all dressed up though? Because, I want to start 2014, in a great outfit - start as I mean to go on hey!

Tonight, I have this man for company:


And this blanket for snuggles:

What more can I ask for?

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve everyone, and I wish you all the very best!

Much love my lovelies, 

K x


  1. love the dress, Happy New Year x

  2. This is a very pretty dress and it looks nice on you!

  3. That dress is beautiful! Happy New Year

  4. I just stumbled across your blog on Bloglovin', and I'm glad I did! I like your style, that dress is gorgeous. And you're good writer, too! I will definitely take a closer look at this blog. :) Happy New Year!

    Hanna xx

  5. That dress is to die for!!! Way cute on you! :)