Tuesday 10 December 2013

The Secret Thing

About this time last week I was fretting about a #SecretThing I was working on, and how it would come out in the end!

I then received a lovely apologetic email to explain that I wouldn't be needed, but that I could have the images used so far, and some of the research that had been carried out.

It was to be a dating related feature! I know, I know, I said I was waiting for something to come along naturally, but when offered free advice from a dating 'guru' - I was intrigued!!

"Sounds like Kathryn has it all except the man! I recommend she carries on being herself. She shouldn't worry about people being intimidated by her confidence and bubbly personality. Would she really want a partner that was intimidated by her anyway? She should look out for new opportunities to chat to people and when she likes one, she should show she is interested and try to prolong the conversation. Often girls walk away before they have found the confidence to ask for their number!

I was shocked! I had honestly expected to be told to play down my confidence, or achievements, and to play the docile girl role. I was impressed!

Originally we were going down to London, but due to something called 'Christmas'? our schedules just did not match up. So it was decided that a photographer would come to me. There would also be a hair and makeup artist too. This relaxed me a little, as the thought of one on one with a photographer was a little intimidating! 

Sadly, due to communication breakdowns, she wasn't able to make it - so a comb through my post work hair, and a smearing of red lipstick later, and I was in front of the camera.

I had a blast! I honestly did. Considering I'd just met them, it was a great atmosphere, and rather fun, if not surreal! 

 But, if I'm honest, the fact that it was after these images were sent to their editor that I was told I've been removed from the feature, makes me think that the two are connected. Whether they are or aren't mind, the images are HILARIOUS! 

Sadly, I've been asked to only use them for personal use, not for republication. And if my understanding of blogging and copyright law is correct, this falls into the 'republication' section.

So I can't share them here, unfortunately. Instead, here is the outfit BEFORE I spent the day in work in it:

 Hopefully next time, things come together, and we are able to so the finished article! 

Much love my lovelies, 

K xx


  1. Hope it works out better for you ext time but at least you got the experience hun

    New follower
    Carrieanne xx

  2. I think it says a LOT about your strength of character because if I'd been told they didn't want me for the article AFTER the photos were taken I would be livid and standing on my soapbox!
    It's a shame we can't see the photos though x