Wednesday 15 February 2012

Mistakes by numbers...

In an early blog post, (here) I mentioned that I had made a mix CD, and how someone I wanted to impress had asked me for a CD of 60s goodness. I think I did a good job, but it became the agonising analysis of "What does the mix CD mean?" in my head after I'd handed it over. Now, I'm not saying I'm trying to woo him with CD (well, actually...), just that it's a rather personal thing, a mix CD - I want to make sure each song blends nicely into the next, and that there are peaks and troughs (you don't want a high octane CD, with no break...). So yes, a lot of work goes into the theme, the message etc. Here is my attempt for "The Boy" -
Modern World
      1.        Possibilities                          Frankie & The Heartstrings
2.       Lonely Boy                            The Black Keys 
3.       Nerve Jamming                   Bass Drum Of Death
4.       She's Got Me Dancing         Tommy Sparks
5.       Mirrors                                  Crocodiles 
6.       Little Black Cloud                 Cult Image
7.       The Engine                           Retriever
8.       Your Eyes                             Bombay Bicycle Club
9.       The Look                               Metronomy
10.  You Are Not Stubborn         Two Door Cinema Club
11.    What You Wanted               Spector
12.   On My Own                          Vincent Vincent and The Villains
13.   Oh No                                   10,000 Things 
14.   Month Of May                      Arcade Fire
15.   He's So Fine (cover)             Bass Drum Of Death

Opinions please oh Social Media World! Am I reading too much into this 'Mix CD' thing, or am I putting my heart on my sleeve (so to speak)

Much love my lovelies,
K x


  1. Replies
    1. Yup, it's a good one like!! Hopefully this CD will have the effect I want it to xx