Saturday 18 February 2012

Simply February

Now, I may have failed Frugal February in a rather dramatic fashion (lattes and chocolate and clothes!) but more on that later!

Tracey B had tweeted this dress:

And while I liked it in the white, I loved it in the navy blue:

Tunic: SimplyBe
Jeans: Evans (Last season)
Shoes: Joe Browns for SimplyBe

While this dress may well be called a dress, there is no way I can wear it with leggings, but as a top with jeans it is perfect! I can see me wearing this with cut off jeans when the weather allows!

It is elasticated at just about the waist, so skims over my tummy rather nicely!
It is a sleeveless top, but that's fine, in the summer I can't wait til I can - but for the Spring, this is is perfect, jeans and a pair of Joe Browns ballet pumps:

How pretty are they?! They come in fushia as well - but I'll see how well they last first, before I decide whether to invest in a pink pair!

Added perk: a free shopper! Perfect!

So yes, SimplyBe is a my reason for failing Frugal February!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Oh I love the navy even more than the white!! Love your shoes too. I'm taking it frugal Feb didn't go so well xXx

    1. The navy gives it an 'All year round' feel I think. I might get the white in the sale if it is available!

      I'm a fan of the shoes as well, but as I'm so heavy footed I don't know how long they will last!!

      Nope, failed with Frugal Feb, but Lent, Lent I can't fail at!

      K x

  2. i thought i commented on this already - maybe not! i think i like the navy more actually now... was the bag nice that came with it? Kind of looked like a book bag. xXx

    1. Tracey, I have comment moderation on, and we had company last ngiht so I couldn't 'approve' of the posts til this morning. Sorry lovely!

      The bag is really nice, it's a book bag in shape, cotton, with the pattern on one side.

      K x

  3. ooooohhhhhhhh!!! I've so far resisted the urge to splurge at Simply Be's new season stuff, but am now sorely tempted!! I might manage to resist until go to the new shop openings though....potentially try stuff on first, as I tend to end up with nothing fitting and then forget to send it all back cos its a huge faff!