Friday 24 February 2012

Tweety Necklace...

Just a quick post to ask your opinion:

I love my Tatty Devine Kathryn necklace in the original font, but I am seriously considering my Twitter handle as a necklace...

Is this just mental? Is £32.50 for a necklace just wrong?

Thoughts please!

Much love

Kathryn x


  1. try this.x

  2. I like it, bit quirky...go for it! xXx

  3. After we had the conversation about your necklace, and the fact you were considering getting one in your twitter name, I then got a tatty devine update, and it made me remember and think 'ooh, lets have a nosy'. I do have one in my own name, but its the standard length so it doesnt actually fit....I'm terrible that I didnt really think about that and assumed it would fit!

    Anyway, now that they've a longer length chain, better colours, more fonts and dangly bits, I'm sooo tempted to get a new one. In my twitter name. So yeah, I'd be more than likely to encourage you to get this!!

    1. I had that issue with the necklace fitting, so did a bit of engineering to get it on a longer chain, so at least I can still wear it!

      I would look to get one from Tatty in the future, but for something so specific I'm happy with what I've ordered from someone else.

      Good luck on your search Sara!

      K x

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