Wednesday 1 February 2012

Before Frugal February...

I placed a wonderful order with Simply Be, keen to get my hands on some items from their S/S12 collection:

Now, as always, on the model it looks stylish and well fitting.

On me:

Well, it does look good, I'll admit. I know these photos are even more rubbish than usual, but you can just see that my bra is visible through the material (and as much as I like Curvy Kate bras, I wouldn't want everyone seeing them!!), and it is a tad tight - pulling across the back, and a little across the front. And whilst I love the cuff detail, it was a bit of a fight to get the fat hand at the end of my fat wrist into the very small cuff. But once on, it sat lovely.

I'm on the look out for a tee shirt bra (Ewa) and after Frugal February, and towards the end of Miserly March, I may have to place an order for a nice smoothing bra. And then look at ordering this in a 24, not my true size 22. Not that the numbers matter of course.

 And now comes to the jeans!

Now, I'm not a skinny jean gal. My calves are hard enough to deal with, without looking at making the material as tight as possible. Or so I thought. I'm suitably impressed with these, to the extent I'm still wearing them, although not the shirt. I went for a 22 for comfort, although in truth the thighs are a little loose, and I've had to use a belt to keep them up. But then, for comfort, SimplyBe designers have added elasticated sides to give it a little give. However, the back of the jeans does gape, and so again, the belt will be needed to help. Not that anyone will be able to see the belt, as I plan to wear these with things I would like to wear with leggings, so I think I can call the jeans a success. Would be interested to see how they wear over a couple of days (do they sag etc) and how the wash, but fingers are indeed crossed!

You will be seeing these again!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

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