Friday 3 February 2012

Workwear throughout the week...

Instead of boring you all with 'What I've worn TODAY' posts, I thought a collaborative effort would be even better.

So, Monday and Tuesday was business casual, as normal, with Wednesday and Thursday 'dress down', and Friday business casual.

My plan was to try to team different items together on Monday, and I think this actually worked:

This blouse is from Evans ages ago, and as you can tell, I have to be be realy careful as to the bra I wear with it. But, teamed with my Domino Dollhouse skirt, and a black cardigan, I was ready to business dress it up!!

But on Tuesday, with the arrival of my GlossyBox, I really wanted a green outfit I could team with the Emerald Eyeliner that came with the box.

And so, with my ASOS dress, and black tights, I am aware I was hardly 'daring', but I felt the eyeliner added a certain something to it.
Wednesday saw me with a nurse and doctors appointment, so was not going to go for anything more fashion forward, so opted for my new SimplyBe skinny jeans and a old Evans hanky hem (I said it was old!) geometric tee:

I teamed it with my Fred Perry grey and pink slip on 'sneakers', and I felt quite studenty!

Thursday is another dress down day (oh how I love these when I'm not training - can wear trainers and jeans and things).

Yes, you guessed it, the above jeans made an appearance, along with the 'new' top I received from eBay (again, ordered before #FrugalFeb started!):

This is certainly more on the casual side of my dressing scale, and I don't feel particularly smart in it, but still business appropriate for a 'Dress Down' day.

Looking forward to a smart day tomorrow if I'm honest. I know my work ethic improves when I'm dressed for it!
Ah, well, that optimisim for the business dress Friday was before the weather decided to drop a degree or two, so I've opted for my muted colour palette and comfort today:

An empire line dress in a white on black paisley print, with a little ruffle, this is my 'I want to look smart but I'm not really feeling it' dress. It is shorter than my usual tastes, but beause of the cut, I don't feel it is too indecent!!

Dress: ASDA approx 1 year ago
Cardigan: M&A approx 4 years ago
Tights: M&S
Pumps: ASDA 2 weeks ago 

Part of the reason for the muted palette I think is that I know what I want to wear to +London2 this weekend, and didn't want to have to quickly wash it!! So the "Blood Orange" dress is my choice for travelling in, my Collectif Dress is for the evening event, and I'm not sure for travelling back yet. Might opt for the Wine Skinny Jeans... We'll see when I get a bit more packing done tonight.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Nice outfits, I love mondays outfit but i'm always one for black and white! x

    1. I think Monday was my favourite too! I got distracted on Tuesday by the eyeliner, and Wed / Thurs with the new jeans.

      I think I'll try this again next week, to see if I'm any better!

      K xx