Monday 13 February 2012

Nautical nuance...

I aimed for comfortable today for work, as I hauled my still under the weather self into the office. So no dress, no tights, and so that limited my choices:

Tee Shirt: Evans - 2009
Jeans: Simply Be S/S 2012
Shoes: ASDA - 2010
Cardigan: Tesco - 2010

Now, I didn't set out to have a nautical feel, but thought the navy went well with the red jeans (which after being washed are a little saggy and not as 'figure hugging' as they were originally). And with the blue shoes, the only option was the navy cardi, obviously!

I was so comfortable just pottering about the office in these that I can't wait for Summer, and ballet pumps without the socks!

So a clear sign the trends come in cirles, and that the nautical hints in this season will help add to my collection - although not overwhelm it: I don't want to go about looking like an extra from the Pirates of Penzance!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. I love nautical. I have a few little bits and pieces and my daughter has an anchor dress which I WISH I could have in a grown-up size! xXx

    1. I think a few bits of pieces is fine to 'trend up' an outfit rather than risk a fancy dress vibe!!

      K x

  2. Got to love the nautical look, it seems to come back around every season so its a good investment :o) Scarlett x