Saturday 26 November 2011

Dressing down...

My office has a dress down policy (every Thursday at the moment, then throughout the Christmas season) and I always struggle with this... I'm not a dress down person any more - I'd much rather wear a dress than jeans and a tee shirt...

But, in the efforts of conforming (and saving my smart smart stuff for when we get to meet Chris Waddle next week) I'm trying out new purchases which can be worn with jeans AND smart business trousers...

Not the best picture - bathroom lighting is not the best, but, purple check shirt, with a drawstring cinching means no belts to add to the colour... I think I should be able to wear with trousers or jeans... no leggings though, which is a bonus!! I have too many dresses / tops which need leggings and can only wear then on 'dress down' days!

So, my mission to simplify the wardrobe choices seems to be working... Thank you eBay, with the help of Evans - just a shame the 22 come no where near to my bust, even though it is perfect everywhere else!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

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