Friday 25 November 2011

Come one, come all!

Welcome! It's been a little while coming, something I've been pondering and wondering... and I've decided I would jump right in!

Well, where to start!

  • I'm a pretty compulsive shopper, and Christmas is my chance to spend for others!!
  • I'm forever searching for the perfect dress
  • I spend far too much time in front of the telly on an evening
  • I have geek-like tendencies
  • I rant, and then it is over and done with
  • I plan to use this to share plans, dresses, outfits and general thoughts that are too big for my mind tank to hold onto!
Feel free to offer your advice and support @kathroooon. I'm not a facebook lover at the moment thanks to a number of work incidents... so twitttttttttttttttttter all the way!

Much love my lovelies!

K x

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