Saturday 25 August 2012

Ain't Nothin' But A House Party!

Well, my sweeties, hellooooooo!

Last week I was at a good friend's house warming. It was very humid and muggy, so I was baffled on what to wear! Then I remembered this little number was in my wardrobe:

Sleeveless, and an appropriate length, meant I could be bare legged, and bare armed, and still be comfortable.

I styled it with my gold woven belt (Simply Be - seen modeling on the catwalk at Plus North), and my gold studded clutch from New Look (this season). I threw on my black pumps and I was ready to go! 

I'd slicked my hair back and went heavy with my eye liner - not too heavy, it was just a house party after all!

Fun times were had (sober times as I was driving), the highlights being: Maid Marion?!; Choc Ices; Day of the Dead; and flares!

When I got home, I managed to take these photos - the dress needed more attention!

The military style has always been one I've swooned over, but not one I feel I've ever embraced fully. Now, I might just do that!

The gold detailing: the buttons and the epaulettes, allows you to get the military vibe without being too 'fancy dress'

This is the 22, and as you can see, especially on the picture below, it is a 'snug' fit on my 36H chest.

I felt the placing of the waist on this dress was a little 'off' for my shape, so added the belt for a little more oomph. Just for you though, I've taken these without the belt:

I personally don't like waists with the 'folded over' effect, I feel like it adds to me at my narrowest.

This is a great little black dress with a military twist, which, if I was the kind of office worker that went straight from the office to the bar, this would be ideal - wear a blazer and tights at work, add heels and the belt / clutch combo and POW!

If you want to have a closer look at this dress, available in sizes 8 - 22: 

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

Please note: this dress was given to me to review, however my opinions and comments are my own.


  1. Hi, Your dress is lovely! The belt's a great idea i always find myself adding a belt to dresses to show my waist and curves :)

    1. I have to stop myself sometimes from adding a belt - it's almost automatic these days!!

      Kathryn x