Saturday 4 August 2012

All the Clothes

I've recently worn a lot of clothes. Okay, so that doesn't means anything as we all wear clothes, but I've been kinda avoiding the blogging sphere as I've been buying / coverting a lot recently.

I got a bonus from work, and stupidly, I aimed to satisfy some of my 'lusting after' urges! I got a haul from ASOS (Florida skirt, geometric midi dress, a skater dress I've yet to wear!). I'm waiting on an order from Domino Dollhouse, but I've asked to combine the shipment of the first batch with this dress:

Bone print. Skater cut. MINE!

I've also placed a sneaky Lady Vintage order which I'm waiting on. 

I need to stop. 

So, I'm going to use my blog to help. 

I'm not talking about any challenges or spending bans, just a limit, as it were. A 'blog every outfit' affair, so I can keep track of how many 'this is new' and the like. Hopefully, it'll just mean that I work hard on my styling of the items, rather than relying on new things to liven my attire!

First of all, I've some outfit combinations to share with you all:

Beatles tee - looks great with my Simply Be green skinny jeans!

  New Look black Skater dress - again, I love it with my Simply Be green skinny jeans! (also, much prefer my swoopy side fringe to my full on full fringe)

Dresses for the office! My Dorothy Perkins bike print dress - a 22 but those buttons stand NO chance of fastening - thanks to my cheeky ASDA vest though, it looks like it's meant to be open! And my much loved (but not over worn) ASOS dress from this post (good, I've changed so much in a few months!)

Now we have my black Glamorosa top - a perfect pairing with, you guessed it, the green jeans! I'm over the moon that the Simply Be A/W collection features new items to the Glamorosa range, and I can't wait to try some of them out! (and see what I mean about the full fringe v swoopy fringe battle? Swoopy wins). 

Another item my Mam hates - this ASOS tee - but I don't wear it for her, I wear it because it reminds me of when I was younger and a wannabe rock girrrrrrrl. I think she disapproves of the arms being ooot as well, but who cares! I teamed this with my black skinny jeans, and my leopard print ASDA shoes... Perfect!

So there you have it. I've been wearing a lot of new clothes recently. Some I've bought, some were gifts as thanks for modeling (Hellooooooooo jeans) and some were old favourites!

Thank you for looking / reading - and I'll keep things more updated in future. 

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. That bone print dress is gorgeous. I follow you on twitter but didn't follow you on here for some reason - I am following now though :).


  2. postingan yang bgaus.........