Saturday 11 August 2012

When clothes DON'T work...

It happens. They don't work. And they get returned.

Sometimes I'm bashful that I even tried it, sometimes I'm relieved that I can return it and sometimes, well, I love it so much I want to MAKE it work!

These are from the A/W12 collection from Simply Be, the hi-lo hemmed skirt in wine, and the black top with removable embellished Peter Pan collar.

The black top was just too heavy for my liking. Yes, great for the winter, but for me, I'll just melt! I'm much more a 'layers' girl, not a thick jumper type! I was tempted to keep it for the collar alone, as the detailing was so delicate. Sadly, not for me. Also, this was the 20, and it was rather baggy and loose for my tastes. 

The skirt on the other hand, was tight in the 20, and I was tempted by the 22, but I realised that it would lose the fit at the waist, and possibly still not fit on my rear, but this is just a guess.

The gathering at the front is a nice touch, but I felt like to added to my size. I didn't mind this, but if you want something to skim, this skirt isn't it. 

The reason I gave up on this item was I looked in my wardrobe and tried on a number of tops I already had, but nothing seemed to work with it. Either the length was wrong, or the colour. 

Not for me I'm afraid.

This little beauty was from, you guessed it, Lady Vintage London and their 'plus size' range. This is stocked by a number of different companies, but as I was also placing an order with them for a swing dress, I wanted to give this a try as well.
I've ordered from this range before, or so I'd thought. This dress is sold at the larger end, in dual sizing. I opted for 22 - 24 as I knew the 18 - 20 would be asking too much! 

This dress fits across the bust perfectly, but is rather 'loose' everywhere else in the top half. I was massively tempted to return the dress, but the print, cut and style were too tempting to pass up!

I'm hoping my Grandma will be able to dart it, or work some kind of magic and make it the 'perfect' dress!!

So, what do you do if the clothes don't work? Hoard? Return? Or make it work?

Much love my lovelies, 

K x

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  1. Great post, i love the polka dot dress! :)