Thursday 30 August 2012

The Teaching Urge...

Okay, so that title seems rather odd. I may have to change it.

But it sums up exactly what I've been feeling recently. That urge to get in front of a class again and mould their lives in some way.

I don't know if it is due to rose tinted specs, and maybe I've forgotten a lot of what I went through in training, and then actually forging a career (what there was of it).

Maybe it is because, now I've finally accepted myself, I want to inspire teenagers to do the same.

Maybe it is because, having been in the 'world of work', I know what students NEED from education, and I'd love to offer that (instead of a half arsed attempt at teaching Romeo and Juliet, or Northern Lights).

Maybe it is because, it is what I always wanted to do. From the age of 15, my education had been focussed on teaching secondary school English. Training contact centre staff never came into the mix!

But then I remember the names - I'd probably laugh them off now.
But then I remember the stress - I'd use my time more wisely now.
But then I remember the assault.

And I stop. And I think of the lack of support following the attack. The nerves going into court. The way I was treated as a liar, like I'd made that up.

And I sigh.

And I get on with my training packages, and my leaders guides, and my conference calls.

Teaching will always be a trigger for me. A weird one, but a trigger none the less.

It was something I did quite well - I had a lot to learn - but some 16 year old boy put a stop to that dream for me.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. This is so sad and frustrating to hear. I've heard of so many people leaving the teaching profession after less than 5 years due to assaults, bullying, lack of support, low morale etc. A lot of my current work is teaching throguh running workshops. You are an excellent communicator as your blog indicates, have you thought about another kind of work besides your current job that gives you more joy? Maybe short courses or adult education?


  2. I don't know what happened, but I hope he rots in jail. And if all else fails, I hope his life is turned into a living hell.

    Those who make people fear their vocation, have no vocation at all. Emptiness is his ultimate punishment.

    I hope one day you find enough strength and energy to rise up and go back to what you love. You already inspire people to love themselves and do stuff with your life as a living example.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment there Cyn. I sometimes search for him on Facebook, but that is about it.

      He got 7 hours community service, and paid me £20 compensation.

      I'm hoping get my Brownies up and running again I'll be getting that sense of job satisfaction back!!

      K x

  3. Hi Kathryn, just reading this post from a couple of weeks ago. Have you ever thought about teaching English overseas? Im sure there are a number that deal with school age children not just adults. i had a few teenagers in my class when I taught in Japan and they couldnt have been more lovely. Worth thinking about unless you have lots of other things keeping oyu here. xXx