Sunday 8 January 2012

Looking back...

I recently revisited my 'youth' (ok, early 20s) by rereading my old LiveJournal account! My word, could this blog be about 100 miles away from that one! Talk about EMOtional! I lost count of the whiney posts which my 'rock' Jackie managed to snap me out of! I can't even think what I wrote in letters my letters to her!

I have now spent the last 10 minutes thinking through the year in which I failed to complete my MA, but consistantly scored 67s etc. I can't believe that I threw this opportunity away, but having read my 'Journal', I don't think I deserved it.

Now, 4 years on, in a completely different career path, and I realise that I spent most of my 20s full of teenage angst. Hopefully now I will have the early 20 fun I'm due!



  1. I'm completely on the same page....I spent most of my early 20s being angst ridden, moody and missing opportunities left, right and centre! But I am a big believer in what happens does so for a reason, and cling onto that, thinking late twenties/nearly thirties is the age to be!

  2. I spent my teens in grown up mode, acting like a 30 year old, so it makes sense I'm a couple of years behind everyone x