Tuesday 10 January 2012

Nearly Nailed it!

Okay, I fail not only at taking photos, but painting my nails as well - always have. So when I got this for Christmas, I thought I would be able to 'learn' or at least 'practice'.

So tonight, with the house to myself, I thought I would be able to 'practice' and wow you all with my nails...

So, chubby fingers at the ready!

And the end product:

Oh how I've failed!!

It's clumpy and smudged. I blame the second coat!! And so, I'm now off to take this off, and may try this again later, but I do doubt it...

What do you recommend ladies? Any tips on how to prevent this??

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Hi hun, it does take practice but I put a minimal amount on the brush and wipe off the excess on the top of the bottle so I can 'build up' if I need to. I prefer polish on my toes to my fingernails though because no matter what I use within 24 hours it's chipping off my fingernails. Lol x

  2. I'm going to try it again tomorrow, I'm not giving up!! xx

  3. Ooh, pretty colour! Like Tracey said, thin coats are best if you can. Also make sure you leave enough time in between coats for drying. And I finish off with a 'speed dry' top coat. The one I use is Revlon from years ago (I bought bottles and bottles of it lol) but there are heaps available in shops and online. Someone recently recommended Sally Hansen to me x

  4. I think tonight is the night I will be trying again - I usually sit in front of the fire to apply this, and so the varnish is almost dried on the brush before it hits my nails...

    Perhaps a change in location is needed...?

    K x