Wednesday 11 January 2012

Tea for two...

After our annual trip to the Living North Christmas Fayre, I came across a small tea boutique, The Tea Shed.

I bought something for a friend of mine, taking with me an 'Emergency Teabag' - with their contact details on their back.

When I actually needed the 'Emergency Teabag' - I was surprised!! I need to explain here, I'm a little, er, particular when it comes to tea. I can't stand PGTips, and Starbucks Tazo *shudder*. I'm a Clipper tea to Ringtons gal.

I wasn't expecting much, but was suitably impressed.

So, when placing my order with them on Friday afternoon - I was impressed with the personal email in return. The order arrived on Monday. Yes, Monday - 2 business days after it was posted:


Also, with the order was a free packet of tea and biscuits!!


I think I need to place another order and pronto!! The "Baby it's cold outside" is so warming, it is perfect. The ginger, cinnamon and cardamon go so well together - again I'm rather picky about tea, but this is a winner for me!

And yes, 20 tea bags are packed into a disposable tea cup!

The Tea Shed

Much love my warm lovelies,

K x


  1. ooooohhh!! I dont have love tea, and I'm quite picky I'm definitely going to have a nosy at their website, at the very least!

  2. The emergency tea isn't sold, but the Baby It's Cold Outside tea is lovely, and I've not tried the All Day Breakfast tea yet, but come Saturday morning, I'll be testing it!