Wednesday 4 January 2012

Get cape, wear cape...

Well, I won't be flying in this one!

Simply Be's 60% sale continues, and I couldn't resist this 70s chic dress for £19.20:

Now, I knew the cap was detachable - but I wasn't thinking it was going to be a cape. Like an actual cape - I thought there might be arm stitching to keep the cape in place, but it isn't, it is a free moving article of clothing.

Now, the drop waist doesn't suit my figure, and the pattern doesn't do me any favours either... But it looks so good on the website - blumming models suiting all clothes / all colours / all patterns!

So unfortunately this will be going back to the lovely people at SimplyBe, but I'm sure that this is ideal for someone, just not me... Shame, the 1970s are in you know!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. such a shame and it is a very pretty pattern. The cape would just end up needing to be rearranged all day. x

  2. I sent this back last week for the exact same reasons xx

  3. You're right there Tracey, I can just seem me playing with it, and eventually losing it in frustration! I know it says cape, but you don't really think it is an actual cape!

    Joanna, did you find the material a little... weird as well?

    K xx