Friday 27 January 2012

Week of Colour, Day 5

My Inspiration: The Prime of Miss Brodie

When I was teaching, I was often likened to the above. Not by the students, or my peers, but from friends of my parents. Miss Brodie. Teacher. Friend. All round good egg. I'm guessing at the story here, but I'm guessing it's like 'To Sir With Love'.

Why am I talking about Miss Brodie? Well, my Week of Colour in the office is over (with the weekend my next challenge!) and was bound to end with the outfit that inspired it!

Okay, the eagle eyed amongst you will notice it was the outfit I wore last Thursday, and even a recycled photo but, well, I miss the hair!

Now, how is Miss Brodie my inspiration? After the cleavage heavy day yesterday, I fancied a more reserved, professional look today, and felt that the above fitted the bill.

Comments regarding my teaching style, my approachibility, and my general approach had the link to Miss Brodie, but one area I often struggled with, was my outfit choices. How do I express myself, and remain professional. Oh how I wish I had an outfit like this available to me 4 years ago. But then, if I had, would my outlook have been the same, been any better? It's hard to tell.

I glanced back over my LiveJournal entry for when I left teaching, and other than being melodramic and generally, er, whiny, I was quite brief in my description of my departure from my career. But one thing was clear: it was not an easy decision for young Kathryn to make.

Since then I've grown (physically and emotionally), and changed dramatically, coming down off my medication and (I think) I'm more laid back.

But then, show me someone who doesn't have regrets, or want to go back and shake their younger self.

I've come to terms with my decision. 4 years on!

Bring on the next 4 years!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. This blouse is so beautiful! WOW! Thank you for your sweet comment. Kiah

    1. Awww thanks lovely! I am in love with this blouse but don't want to "overwear" it!!

      K xx