Sunday 22 January 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Okay, so I've had some strange hair dos in my time. I think the only thing I've not done to it is a perm!

So when I think about how I can change up my hairdo from the bob / graduated bob / side fringe / full fringe combo, I'm a little stuck!

My new hair do:

Short on one side, chin length on the other, is a little scary for me, as my previous daliances with 'shorter than chin length' testifies:

Sorry for the rotation, blogger seems to be clitched at the moment.

Yes, that is me. I started off wanting hair looking like this:

And ended up with a number two, back and sides, short and spikey on top.

Not only was this a one time thing - I had this hair for about 3 years (17 - 20ish). Oh yes. I thought it was cool and edgey. Then I realised, and started to grow it out.

There is a reason I don't have many pictures of my hair bright red, with a newly shaved back and sides. Other than the one above, in a memory book made for me by Jackie for my 21 birthday.

My favourite photo of me / my hair is this one:

So honestly, where was left for me to go from here, other than growing it, and pulling it back in a ponytail everyday  -  which I would.

Shorter hair needs more work, more effort, but it makes me do it, and so, helps with the framing of the face, and air of "I give a f**k about how I look", even when I don't.

Any photos of you out there that you wish didn't exist? Or hair styles you regretted?

Much love my lovelies,

K xx


  1. I used to have very short hair - think Emma Watson pixie crop when I was a teenager but I was muc hthinner so could get away with it. If you look in my old photos on FB you shoudl see some as my sister put them up! Lol.
    I like the new hair though, suits you. xXx

    1. Thanks - think your pixie look probably suited you a lot more than my male spikey mess xx

  2. I had an angled bob and looked ridiculous! I like your hair though! :) Follow my blog? It would mean a lot to me.

  3. Oh, there are so many hairstyles I wish i hadn't had in my past, there are many pictures out there I need to burn :) x