Saturday 28 January 2012

Week of Colour, Day 6

So, today I got lost north of the river - nothing new there then - and had a date with my good friend Erin for a general catch up. She also wanted to get her hands on my hair to see if she could convince me it was a good move.

Well, what to wear to such an event. As you may have noticed, I don't really do jeans / trousers if I can help it. So I dug out the following outfit, in the hope it would fool you all as a part of my #weekofcolour. I think I managed it, as the teal cardigan stayed on all day!

Dress: ASDA George
Cardigan: ASDA George
Tights: M&SNails: Front Cover

I love the pattern of this dress; I love that I can wear purple / teal / grey with it. It is my 'go to' dress for any type of dressy / casual (read date) type event!!

And today, I fancied a little something colourful and bright, without being too 'in your face'.

Oh and look, I managed my nails as well today! All together a good day in terms of clothes, but this outfit didn't lift my spirits as much as a mooch and a chat with Erin did!

Much love my lovelies,



  1. Thanks lovely! Can you guess why I don't wear it all that much? Oh yes, too short! haha


  2. Luv the dress! Very pretty ^^v