Monday 30 January 2012

Frugal February Starts NOW (well, last Saturday actually)

For those of you unfamiliar with Frugal February, more information can be found here: Frugal February Explained.

Now, my reasons for this is simple - my spending is getting out of hand! Part of it is "oooooh, that dress is pretty, I want to blog about it", the other part is, well, I'm rubbish with money. Always have been. Although I'm paying for it now with debt etc, but I'm trying to do better. Promise.

I give 3 people a lift into work, which nets me about £28 a week cash, to cover petrol, and the Tyne Tunnel (a tolled road at £1.40 each way). But this is cash. Cash that sits in my purse and says "Spend me on Starbucks" - Skinny Sugarfree Hazelnut Latte, thanks for asking - or chocolate, or over priced work sandwiches, which are RANK. I need to change. Frugal February seems as good a place to start as any. And leads nicely into Lent (more on that one later).

So, for the month of February, no on line shopping, no Starbucks, no iTunes, nothing. Nope. Zip. Any money I **would** have spent, needs to be deposited in a jar.

However, Mam and I are planning a trip to York at the end of February (Helllllllllllllllllllllllllo Cath Kidston) so other than saving monies to pay off debt, there is also a £75 hand bag with my name on!!

Lovelies, prepare for many a post on "This is what I would have spent" throughout February.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. This is a great idea and I am completly the same - just spending £10 here and there...they all add up. xXx

    1. They do. But so does buying any ridiculous items off the internet!!


  2. Replies
    1. Make sure you read the proper article to get a sense of what it is really about xxx