Thursday 26 January 2012

Week of Colour, Day 4

And an idea was borne!

Okay, you know what it is like, you plan an outfit in your head, and you when you excitedly start putting all the components together, you start to realise... Maybe, just maybe, it doesn't work.

I had this doubt this morning with my #weekofcolour, but I perservered, and so when I was starting to get the face on, Mother Dearest was quick to comment. Now, I'm 27. I still live at home. Otherwise, she wouldn't have known what I was wearing!! So it began. 7am this morning she was quick to pass judgement on one item, claiming it was too short (her eye is much more critical than mine on shortness of dresses / skirts - and we all know how critical I am!!)

I was thinking of just wearing this dress, from Simply Be, which you lovely readers convinced me to keep:

But for work? Even though it is 'dress down', I was conscious of shortness + cleavage.
So, in my mind last night, I teamed it with something else. The lovely Rosie had mentioned wearing a playsuit with a skirt over the top... well, if you can do that with a playsuit, surely it would be easier with a dress? So out came the trusty Domino Dollhouse Retro Dame skirt:

And so I thought it looked rather like the lovely Kelly in the Dolores, with the sweet heart neck line, just, you know, bigger.

So my #weekofcolour seemed to be making me take some risks with my choices for 'dress down' day. I teamed it with leggings and flats, just to give it a little more of a 'casual' look.


The Mother intervened! We went from saying the dress was too short to saying that "I looked ridiculous" in this. I felt 15 again! So while I might have debated the merit of this look myself, I chose the teenager response, and have decided to wear it to spite her. That'll teach her! Erm, really?

I'm not training today. I'm sat at my desk in a rather visible part of the office. But as someone reassured me this morning - cleavage is cancelled out by the long skirt. Here's hoping.

Then the rational Kathryn kicked in. And I've worn some unflattering items of clothing to work in my time, this may be no different.

Remember kids, fashion is about risks.

I'm about to take one soon, off the back of this interaction... watch this space!!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. not only have i worn a skirt over a playsuit but i wear a skirt over dresses ALL THE TIME.. you just never realise on my blog! :)

    1. Haha, I'm glad I'm not alone with this!! Although I think I need to find another skirt, I'll wear this one out! xx

  2. I have to say you look gorgeous in both outfits, and I think your mum must be uber conservative because the tea dress is not short on you at all, the cleavage to skirt ratio only applies if the skirt is mid thigh, that come to your knees which is a conservative length, and you are wearing tights with it so no legs on show. xxx I think it is time to ignore your mum and embrace your fabulous legs and cleavage. xxx

    ps I also wear dresses under skirts so dont worry :) xx

    1. I often do ignore her, so I don't know why her comments got to me today. Just feeling a little meh, obviously!!

      I've made it through the day, now off to choir - Mam will be mortified. If she is nice, I might change...

      I didn't realise this 'dress with a skirt' thing was a common styling option!

      So glad that my outfit for tomorrow is planned (Blue shirt). Now just need to think of my next challenge...

      K x

  3. you look lovely and if you don't feel comfortable about doing it again, well at least you tried! x

  4. WE should do some joint challenges, could have some fun :) x