Friday 20 January 2012

My tools - my face

Okay, I'm not a beautty blogger.

Just wanted to get that one out there. But this morning, when applying my face, it struck me about the tools I was using:

That when I talk about clothes, I think of enhancing what I have, and masking areas I don't particularly see as a strong point.

And for me, that is what makeup does. I don't cake it on with a trowel, instead, I use my Virgin Vie Correct and Perfect to help hide any spotty outbreaks, and to dull my rosy cheeks a little. I then put on my No7 Stay Perfect Foundation (which I find quite shiney, but I then add the Stay Matt powder by Rimmel to cover this).

As a natural blonde (dirty blonde), I need eye brows (No7 dark), and mascara (Boujoius Extreme Clubbing Black) so you can see them!

Quick cat lick eyeliner, a dab of lipstick for colour, and the face is done!

I hide what I don't like (spots and blemishes) and highlight what I do (my eyes) and add some eyebrows, and this is the result:

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