Wednesday 4 January 2012

What I didn't wear today...

Okay, so my battle with business dress has been well documented already... and so, armed with a wrap dress and a new bra, I thought I had this beaten this morning.

The bra was : Ewa Michalak PL Purple (click the link for Curvy Wordy's review).

The dress & the bra looked like this:

Now, I love the dress, and I love the shape it gives me (the photos were taken in a hurry as I knew it was not going to be my dress of choice this morning)

The reason - too busty. I know, shocking that I should come to this conclusion so late in my life (27), but... I can't get away with this style of dress without something underneath for added coverage.

However, not wanting today to be a complete waste, I am still wearing the to follow showing just how busty it is! I love it.

Oh, and the obligatory 'I'm sorry for how rubbish the photos are' - the only excuse is my lack of  eye make up - and my inability to smile in a morning!

Much love my lovelies,

K xx


  1. Gorgeous, but totally understand where you're coming from, in a business environment there's no need for the pups to be on show, save them for out of work!! (although I totally defend a woman's rights to cleavage wherever she wants to cleavage!!) x

  2. I still have some cleavage on display - although with Ewa, it's kinda hard not to have them out!! Which is why I like it - at the moment, I don't feel as though I'm wearing a bra... which is amazing!

    K x

  3. The dress is lovely and the bra gives you superb cleavage but you are right, as a trainer you want people to focus on what you're talking about, not the boobage! Would be a good dress to wear if you want to get out a bank loan though ;0)

  4. The dress is gorgeous, I have a couple that make me feel a bit busty so i just add a black cami top under saves so much of my wardrobe :) xx