Wednesday 25 January 2012

A Break in Colour... Collectif Style!

Well, last week I watched an eBay item to the end, winning this dress. And I actually felt like I had won it, even, getting a brand new dress with about a 1/3 off the RRP:

Now, I've been lusting after Georgina's PinUpGirl collection for some time now, and wondered how my hourglass would fit into this style / fit, but before ordering from the US (Domino Dollhouse was a long time lust).

When I was introduced to Collectif (again, by Georgina's musings) I reconsidered my shelving of the full skirted dress. Even more so when I was pointed in the direction of an eBay shop selling dresses / Collectif.

It arrived through this week, so I've waited until half way through my #weekofcolour to post about it!!

I love this dress:

I had just got in from work, so pardon the rubbish hair!

Look at how happy I am with this dress! It has 'night out on the tiles' written all over it! Or at least PlusLondon2!!

Now I know this picture is out of focus, but I wanted to show you how it defines my waist, and flows over the hips. I may, may need to get a colourful belt to go with it!!

I may have tentatively ordered this dress on eBay in the hope that it fits me - now that I know that it does, I will be contacting Collectif to get this dress in as many patterns as possible!


Well, I would be, other than the fact that it will be Frugal February. Means I won't be spending on anything for while (actual sad face)

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. This dress is gorgeous on you! Look forward to seeing you at PlusLondon in it. x

    1. You'll be seeing a lot of me in this!! Boobs galore!! xx

  2. I love how happy this dress makes you :-) And it's not hard to see why - it's flipping amazing and fits you so well. Can't wait to see you in it at PlusLondonTwo xx

    1. I really do love this! If it wasn't for the boob heavy nature of it, I wouldn't be out of it! xx