Friday 13 January 2012

Splash of colour on a dull day

Pre-vening everyone,

Finally had a moment to sneak a shot of the top I'm wearing today:

Now, after sleeping in this morning (by nearly 40 minutes) I just grabbed whatever I could and pulled on the first jeans I got my hands one once I'd showered.... And thankfully it worked!

The top and cardi are from my small ASDA in South Shields - not known for their GEORGE collection, that is saved for the Boldon branch - but this V-necked, gathered top shows off the girls (showing you can have cleavage without being revealing), and skimms over the tummy area:

Other than the fact it was quickly taken in the office toilets, it does show the 'benefits' of the top nicely!! As well as the reddess of my hair at the moment!

This has not been worn all that much, and I would hazard a guess that this is due to having the wrong bra for the top... I'm not going to rant about the importance of the right sized bra, but instead, the right bra for the top - and this one needed to be padded due to clinging nature of the material over the bust area.

Enough to say I'll be wearing this top more often I think!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

Top - ASDA George - bought about 5 months ago
Cardigan - ASDA George - about 2 years old
Jeans (unseen) - Evans


  1. Lovely! That red is a divine colour on you x

  2. gorgeous colour and you look amazing in it! Great look!

  3. Thanks! I've just received a ASOS dress in the same colour, with the same neckline - will be trying it on tomorrow so we'll see if we have another to add to my work wardrobe!!