Friday 6 January 2012

The Power of Ewa...

Okay, so I've mentioned once or twice how I'm in love with a new (to me) bra manufacturer from Poland. No, I'm not about to show you pictures of me in just my bra and knicks, instead I'll leave that to the stunning figures of &

No, I want to show you the effects with the clothes themselves.

I've always been busty, I'm used to people looking & commenting on them - and quite often, I've used them for my own gain (mainly getting served at bars faster). But I've not really loved them... At the time when I was a size 16, I struggled to find good fitting clothes. Strange how now I'm bigger, I can find clothes the both fit, and suit, my figure. But with this one bra - the Ewa PL Purple, I'm in love:

Just WOW. The plunge is not only moulded, but it is padded as well, giving both shape and lift... I again will probably spend a dispropotionate amount of time glancing down at work today!!

So girlies, if you haven't recently, get yourself measured. Don't be scared by the numbers and letters, no one needs to know about them other than you. A good fitting bra can make you slimmer, not inluding the health benefits!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Love it! Thanks for the link ;-)

    That top is a beautiful colour on you and looks even better with Ewa underneath xx

  2. Thanks, and this top has been in my wardrobe unworn for years - mainly due to my forgetting about it!!

    I now need an Ewa in a lighter colour so I can wear it under everything! xx