Tuesday 24 January 2012

Reasons for entering

Other than the reasons outlined here: Em's amazing post - I'm entering for me. And for other girls / women who want to see clothes on someone of their size.

With ASOS Curve using models who are obviously a 14, when their clothes start at a 20, with Simply Be asking for a plus model in their Model Search competition, and the gorgeous Abi Hill winning it, who, when wearing a bodycon dress, makes it look stunning, with curves in the right places, I hang my head, as I didn't enter. Why? I thought no one would want to see me in clothes (or out of them). But with some encouragement, and postive reactions from the blog, I WILL enter next year. Same with the Evans competition.

Now, say what you like about Evans being off the boil at the moment, but I think the work they're putting in to dressing for your shape is going to prove the doubters wrong. Their models in the catalogues lately have been busty, hourglass, apple and pear. What better to see if a dress would suit you?

The Beth Ditto range was a perfect example of fashion forward clothing, in a larger than a 18: seeing it modelled by Beth herself, with a confidence and a glint in her eye.


I knew what I would look like in this dress. I knew it would be too short, but if Beth didn't care, then I didn't care.

This is my main photo for the Company & River Island modelling competition. I shows me, warts and all, but ENJOYING my clothes.

Isn't that what fashion is? Enjoying yourself, expressing yourself, and most of all, accepting yourself?

Much love my lovelies

K x


  1. Like a blogged a few days ago - ASOS "curve" models are a joke!!! Some times they may be a bit bigger but all measure smaller than me!! WWWWTTTFFFFF!

    Good luck, and omg EM is in it? I'm voting for you both (if I can? i havent figured it out lol)

    best of luck, hold your head high and just know you did what a lot of others never dared to - enter! You've done the first big thing, hope you go well!!


  2. Thanks love.

    I know Em is doing it for a slightly different reason to me but that's fine. It's not as though people just have one vote. You can vote as many times as you like (for different people). You can also 'like' all their photos.

    We'll see xx

  3. Totally agree, Asos curves models are never a good indication of how clothes look on a plus-size person. I have clicked like for you all so goodl uck ladies! x

  4. I am completely and utterly behind this campaign, for all the reasons everyone's doing it. So much so, I'm now entering myself. Eeek.

  5. That dress is super cute and I dont' think its short! Kiah

  6. Perfect hun, and that dress is not too short, you look gorgeous in it. xx

    1. It really is when I stand up straigh!! xx

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