Saturday 14 January 2012

The post I didn't want to write...


The title might be a little melodramatic, but it is accurate.

I've had to up my medication today, as a result of my pain levels creeping up. Whilst I refuse to go back onto the opiates, but having to increase my anti convulsants and my ibruphen, means that I'm slowly getting fuzzy headed again... and my energy levels will be falling.

Only one thing for it, I need to get back on the Pain Management Programme. Enough to say that I've fallen off the 'wagon', and become a little complacent - just taking the medication at night will do that, as the side effects will be out of the system by the time I wake up. Now that the effects will be invading my day-to-day, it is enough of a focus to start again... Stretches, breathing, planning, relaxation, 'counter irritation'... time to bring it on. And destress my life...

Destress... easier said than done!

Much love my lovelies,

K x

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