Friday 6 January 2012

Pre Blog

Okay, so most of the items I've 'reviewed', were recent, if not new, purchases. Now I'm going to look at items in my wardrobe which, had I been blogging at the time, I probably wouldn't've have kept.

I've been 'writing' this post for a few weeks in my head, and the dress I'm about to show you - I love. I mean, it was almost designed from my brain! But, as with most dresses in my wardrobe, I find it too short. And you know what they say, you show cleavage or leg, never both. This dress is absolutely both on me...

So it sits in my wardrobe, unloved. And as I paid full price (£40), I don't really want to try to get the bigger size to see if it is any better.

The sweetheart niceline, the back ties (which actually have a function), and the sleeve detail meant that I chose to keep it, just in case I forgot it was too short, or too low cut...

Much love, my lovelies,

K x


  1. See, I've been lusting after this dress for a while, but thefact you've pointed out that its very low cut and short sways me against it a little!

  2. How much of the low cut feeling I get is due to my 38GG, and how much is down to the dress, it is hard to tell. It is reduced now, in the sale, so get it, try it. Nothing to lose as it is a stunning dress xx

  3. It looks pretty on you. I have a similar problem with the Inspire skater dress I just got. I just wear it with leggings and ballet pumps. Hope your dress gets an airing soon. x

  4. I love this dress you look gorgeous. I normally wear super thick tights with dresses anyway X

  5. Okay, so the overwhelming majority is screaming "keep the dress".

    I'll wear this to travel to plusLondon2 - and we can go from there!