Saturday 31 December 2011

2011 in retrospect

So I thought I got the full 'What I think of 2011' out of my system earlier - but it seems that as I'm now in the house in my PJs on the eve of 2012 I'm getting a little bit wistful.

You guys weren't with me then, not really. I might have spent some time mentally blogging, but didn't know what to do with the ideas I had.

This time last year I was still living at home. I had still over spent at Christmas. And was sober at New Year. So outwardly, nothing much has changed.

But people have noticed things - I wear more colour, I have a genuine smile on my face most of the time, and I seem more relaxed. Not all of this is down to medications, or pain management. It's down to the great things I've done this year:

Meeting G in London with the Evans Focus Group was the main turning point. Being listened to, and my views being taken on board, along with the opportunity to try on some pretty clothes, made me realise how far we had to go to get clothes that were stylish and flattering into the market place.

I then went away on business for a week, and had the opportunity to again be valued as someone with ideas that people wanted to hear.

So I started to comment on facebook - but that didn't seem to have much impact or much value. When I realised the wealth of bloggers out there, I felt my little corner of cyperspace would satisfy my desire for a platform.

And you know what? It really really does.

I've got half written posts flying around my head. I've got a few projects out there. And most of all, I've not afraid to say if I don't like something, or if something isn't quite right.

Much love my lovelies, and a Happy New Year one and all!!

K x

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