Thursday 29 December 2011

One pair of shoes - All colours please!

Okay, so a just a quick blog this morning (break = 10 min!) - and I knew when I got to work this morning what that was going to be about:


Now, I've already mentioned that I'm a tall girl - 5'9ish - so when it comes to heels, I try to go on the 2" side of things - no 4" scaffolding for me !! - I also don't wear heels that often, just when the dress / occasion requires it.

However, with these:

I think I'm in shoe heaven! Because I don't wear heels a lot, when I do, my feet hurt. Hurt hurt. But when I slipped my stockinged feet into these this morning, I felt something I've not felt in heels before - comfort! Even now, 3 hours after I put them on, I don't feel them. It's the comfort of wearing flats, with the bonus of a heel!

Enough to say I'm in love!

Looks like my Simply Be account is getting hammered while I buy these up in every colour!!

Much love my lovelies,

K (but 2" taller) x


  1. Ooh these are gorgeous! I think I shall have to purchase some myself :-) I see they only have a thin sole - how are they on the balls of your feet? x

  2. Like walking on air! You can't see, but the insole is really padded - and as with most Viva la Diva shoes, you get a free pair of insoles in your size in case you need extra support.

    I've been stomping up and down the office all morning so far, and they still feel like they aren't there!

    Usually by now my back is starting to ache, but still, no signs of back pain either. My body must realise that if I buy more of these, I might throw out the other poor fitting shoes to make some room!

    K x

  3. They sound wonderful. I simply must order some asap x

  4. Am really liking the blue pair... x

  5. So am I! I've ordered them all, just curious to see what the colours are REALLY like x

  6. blog the blue ones when they come pretty please...x

  7. I will do Tracey - they'll go great with a couple of outfits I've been putting together in my head if I'm honest!

    K x