Tuesday 20 December 2011

Oh to be Peter Pan!

I think Hermes must be watching my every move!! Having just this morning commented on: Rosie's blog this morning that this:

And lo, it arrived just 10 minutes ago!!

I love this! I love the soft material, I love the cut, which only pulls a little across my chest (which is still wearable) and it feels so smart, without being a blouse / dress.

Now as with most 'tunics' I couldn't wear this with tights, as it is just too short, and even leggings, I'm not overly convinced with, but it would work with my smart black trousers or my jeans, depending on the occasion.

But this detail:

Takes the dress to another level of smart, to the chance of going out from the office.

For this reason I would pack a spare pair of leggings just in case I needed to flash a little thigh - as the dress is demure enough to enable me, in the right circumstances, show a little leg!

More colours please SimpleBe?

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. oh wow this looks so lovely on you! i adore the collar even though its really short I'd probably wear it as a dress anyway as i'm only 5'2 :)


  2. If you get it Rosie, you might need to go a size bigger. This is the 24, and is a perfect fit, even though I'm typically a 22 or smaller in SimplyBe clothes.

    It'll definitely be more length appropriate on you then hun, at 5'9 / 5'10, it is just a little too short for work! haha

    K x

  3. Sort of unrelated but where did you get the mostache necklace in your profile photo!?

    Was it shanalogic? I swear i have seen it before but for the life of me cannot remember!!!


  4. I got it from Tatty Devine for Mo-Vember x

  5. That collar is beautiful! It's a shame it's a little short, but I'm sure you can make it work (:

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    The collar is so pretty! I made the mistake or wearing with jeans to work today, but it was a little 'heavy' on the ol' bottom half - will try with leggings on Christmas day to see how it is then!

    Although, seeing as I work with a number of ex mechanics, I was expecting 'heard of a pearl necklace, but never a pearl collar' before joke. Nopes, just my mind!!

    Kathryn x