Saturday 31 December 2011

Swallows aren't for me...

So as I was debating on the good ol' what to wear while doing very little before the 'NYE getting ready process' begins, the Hermes Courier arrived, and delivered this:

Now I had looked at the black and white version, but I was wanting to add a splash of even more colour to my "Rainbow" wardrobe - once known as "that drab place"!

Disclaimer - I was so wanting to see what it looked like on that I only managed my makeup before I was forced to open and try on this dress - so good did it look in the bag - so please excuse the wet hair!

I was looking for a dress to wear with leggings - and as this is described as a 'Tunic Dress' I thought it would be perfect for this job - it is also described as a 'woven fabric'; again I thought I was on to a winner as my issue with some of Simply Be's products is the material choice.

Again, I love the colour, and the print but it is:

a: too short - my curvy kates, and ample bottom make it even shorter
b: the material feels rather polyester-ish and so I think I would get rather warm in it rather quickly
c: the ruffle at the hem seems to draw the attention to my equally ample thighs!!

I do love the tunic, and as I bought in on the back of this blogpost I know most love it. I think I am just being picky, but all of the above just mean it would site in my wardrobe unworn and unloved.

Some points I do love about it though:

It does give me a great shape, and the side ties do have a function!

I also really like the detail at the front. I may have above average sized Curvy Kates, but for those less endowed, this extra detail would make them seem a little bigger (thanks to the ruffles, not the buttons. Obviously).

It is a shame, but I'll be returning this as soon as I finish typing, for someone else to get this dress who loves it.

Much love my lovelies,

K x

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  1. Yes, I have to admit it isn't my favourite thing I have purcahsed from Simply Be this month. I could have done with sizing up I think, but it looks ok with a cardigan (defetes purpose a bit I suppose though). Also after 1 wash a button had come off... eek! x