Thursday 29 December 2011

Vintage AND plus size?

While my friends were enjoying searching for vintage pieces in charity shops or vintage stores, I would look at the handbags. And maybe the shoes.

I had long resigned myself to not being able to wear vintage, as the ladies of old are, well, hourglass, but not quite as much of it!

Then someone thought, what if we do the trawling for you, and bring a collection of plus size vintage pieces...

I love this dress! The navy and white are a classic combination, and the design is dainty, without being in your face! The dress is a little short, but if you look at the skirt, it sits on my waist, whereas I think it was designed to be on my hips - therefore being more appropriate for the era!!

I often wear this with leggings and a tee shirt underneath to make sure that it decent! But Kathryn, in VINTAGE? This isn't just something that I was lucky enough to find: Up and coming business Dotty for Vintage do the looking for us. Or add them on facebook.

Much love my retro lovelies!

K x


  1. I am just the same, resigned myself to vintage bags ...that dress is so pretty though. Well done on such a nice find. X

  2. It was Dotty For Vintage that found it, not me! I was just lucky it fit me!