Thursday 15 December 2011

Will Simply Be Rise to the occasion?

We've already established that I like my dresses. A lot!

I only own 2 pairs of jeans and one pair of work / smart trousers. Give me a dress / skirt any day of the week!!

So when I saw this dress:

I quite simply fell in love! I tweeted yesterday that the parcel had arrived and I was desperate to rip it open with 'child on Christmas morning' excitement. But I knew if I waited til this morning, when I had time to lovingly unwrap, I wouldn't be dissappointed. And I wasn't.

It was sent in a box, so carefully encased in a plastic over lay (I know I'm going a little over the top here, but I did have such high hopes for this dress)

I pulled it out on it's hanger and was so impressed by the lace detailing. Even the photos on the website don't show this detail off enough!

I opted for leggings to see how it sat re: length, unzipped, pulled it on and... realised how short it was. I added a cardigan to cover the bear arms, and still, too short. I pulled at it. Too short. I asked my Mam's opinion. Too short. Looked in different mirrors... you guessed it, too short:

Not only that, but it is pulled up by my chest.

However, the rest of the dress is perfect on my 22 frame. It pulls me in, and fits in the Curvy Kates very very well.

All in all, I love this dress, but Rise, please make a longer one next year! From the peter pan colour, lace details and tuille underskirt, it screamed my name. Just a shorter me, apparently.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. Hi Kathryn,

    What a lovely post! We're really proud of this dress and are all in love with it ourselves. I'll pass your comments regarding length onto the production team - would you mind telling me your height?


    Ria from Rise

  2. Hi Ria,

    I'm approx 5'9 / 5'10, and I know that my chest and rear can also make dresses appear shorter! But I was desperate to try this dress that I just ordered it in the hope I could work some magic!