Monday 12 December 2011

The Dress I Could Live In!

Shocking photo, but you get a sense of length

I made huge claims about this dress when it arrived, and said that this was the one dress I would chose to live in! And given the popularity of the colour block dress in cream and hot pink, it really was a comment I may have lived to regret.

But I wore it yesterday as planned and loved it:

 The arms sit snuggly at my elbows - but I can still lift my arms.
The length sits demurly about 2 inches below my knees, but when I walk (or stomp) it does ride up - but it means that it is still a respectable length.
The belt neatly pulls the dress in at the waist:

And there is ample room for my ample Curvy Kates!

This is my new 'go to dress' - the pattern is perfect for winter business dress days, and I only hope for a more light weight one for the summer, but all in all, my favourite wardrobe item so far!

A word of warning though - I stand at 5'10 flat footed, and the dress could be overly long if I was to wear it with ballet pumps - so heels are a must for me.

Much love my lovelies,

K x

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