Friday 30 December 2011


Those of you following me on twitter (@kathroooon), will know that yesterday I had a delivery from Domino Dollhouse - a boutique who understands that if you offer a dress in a plus size, use a model who makes it aspirational - "you too, could look this good!" whilst also show us that it would suit an hourglass, but not an apple. Or vise-versa.

Today I'm wearing this skirt with a few bits and bobs I already had:

I'm wearing the Domino Doll Skirt with M&S Cobalt Blue Tights, and my trusty Evans David Bowie Tee. Shoes (barely seen) are ASDA.

Now I've already mentioned in previous posts that I struggle with dressing down - I think this proves that I can 'dress down' but still feel smart - heels (can you guess which ones!) would look amazing with this, but a little too smart for the look I was going for.

And okay, I need to learn how to take better photos! But the fullness of the skirt needed to be shown!!

So I'm now in love with 'dress down' days, as well as knowing I have a really smart black skirt for smart days too!

Oh, and this is the 3X - and with the elasticated back, I would have liked to try a 2X, but unseen are the generous sized belt loops, so I may belt this if needed!

Much love my lovelies!

K x


  1. I lurveeee that skirt! and the top!!!

    toni x

  2. Me toooooooooooo!! I can't get over how much I love it!! As well as the elasticated section, it has buttons and a fly zipper as well! A nice little detail!!

    I was worried about trdering from America, but took the plunge and LOVE it xx

  3. It's a gorgeous skirt, very flattering on you and LOVE the Evans that still avaliable do you know off hand? xXx

  4. Sorry, no - I got it about 2 / years ago now... I could live in this outfit at the moment xx

  5. Love the skirt, I'm dying to get a full black skirt, will have to save my pennies!! xx

  6. This is selling fast - I do hope they get more back in - I'm now really tempted by their spotty skirts, but don't know when I'd wear them! At least this skirt can be worn dressed up / down - can't wait to dress it up now though!!

    K x