Friday 23 December 2011

Falling out of love with ASOS Curve...

Merry Christmas from ASOS Curve! With up to 50% off, it was hard to say know to some of the items in the sale!

I ordered these a couple of days ago, and they arrived today. Now, as per my previous post, I'd just returned from a pretty unsuccessful date, and was needing some cheering up! So first up for me to try was this one:

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE 40s Dress With Contrast Belt

Now, I know I'm about twice the size of her, but the 22 did / does fit rather snuggly! I thought the band accross the chess would annoy me, but actually, what it does is mean that I'm showing off a nice about of cleavage in the cut out, without feeling like I am! Win win!

Next dress - something for the office:

Image 1 of ASOS CURVE Wrap Dress With Button Waist

Now, I wasn't sure about the 'fitted' skirt, but thought I would give it a go!!

It was even worse then I'd thought!

I didn't leave the dress on long enough to take a better photo, but it was tight in all the wrong places, and the V neck comes all the way down to waaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond inappropriate! You'd think that it would be the same on that model wouldn't you...?

And this is where my main gripe comes from - how can we get an idea of what the dresses / items look like, if the models are on the wrong side of the scale (pardon the pun).

More items to be tried on tomorrow...

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. LOVE the purple dress, especially with the contrasting teal belt x

    I had never heard of asos curve before but it seems very odd that they are using models who are far too slim for the clothes so they don't look particularly flattering. That's especially true of the pic in your next post. It looked far better on you than the model - but I understand why you decided not to keep it.

  2. I wore the purple dress out last night and was very "breasty" in it, which for a night out is what is wanted sometimes!! I like that it defines my waist and the belt is just a lovely finish!

    The Orange dress was lovely on, but would need to have a cardigan on over the strappy straps, and just couldn't breathe! Don't think I'll get it in a bigger size just yet - if at all!

    K x