Friday 30 March 2012

I *heart* Lady Vintage!!

I posted last week about my Lady Vintage dress, and how I wasn't convinced by the colours / pattern. It wasn't 'doing it' for me. And now I know why - there is better Lady Vintage out there!!

I am in love. Absolutely in love! If I was to just own one dress in as many colours / patterns as I liked, it would be this one. Now, I know this a big statement, but wait for it:

 I honestly have no words for this! It is a tad small. I accidently ordered a 20, instead of a 22 (I know, who would do such a thing?!) but with the help of some shapewear (a post will come about my amazing shapewear, I promise :)) I think it works! 

I wouldn't wear this for 'smart business dress' days as it is a little 'cleavage' heavy - but as I'm sat at my desk all day, I was expecting it to be a little restricted, and it isn't, not really!

Once I sort out my cash flow I will be looking to get more of these dresses, but I think they only made 100 in each pattern, so I need to hope that they get more in.

My favourite three are:

 But honestly, if someone want to get me them, at £30 a dress, I'd pay you back in love and cuddles?

I do know that this:

is proving popular - especially in the white!

I am in love.

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. I am eyeing up so many of the LadyV dresses at the moment, I need some in my life :) x

  2. Wow! Amazing dress, you look fab! I love the whole range - I want them all!!

  3. Wowee, love this on you! It's a perfect mistake ;-) Please bring it when you come to stay so I can check out the fabric as I may be tempted to purchase some of these myself... xx

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