Tuesday 13 March 2012

Dotty for Beth!

Okay, so I know that this range is old. Like 2 years old in the instance of this top! But I've never really worn it. I wore it to see in 2011, and once to work with trousers, but I didn't feel I did it justice. Trousers aren't very Beth Ditto now are they? Nope, they're very Middle of the Road.

Now, again, I'm too tall, and my rear too big to be sufficiently covered by this 'dress'. I can see it being knee length on some, but not me. And I'm hardly an Amazon!

So, this weekend, as I was planning what to wear for my my 'date' with my very good friend Jackie (one of those where even if I don't see her for months, we're talking away like we see each other every day!), and I was pondering on the ol' outfit choice. Lunch in Newcastle on a breezy day that would see me keeping my dignity, it was a tough call! But my Beth Ditto Top, and red SimplyBe jeans won in the end.

Today though, well, I'm now the proud owner of some Angel Ribbons skinny black jeans from SimplyBe, and I'm thinking I can finally inject the attitude I needed into this outfit:

So, perfect! The jeans are ankle grazing, but I like that - I can see these with heels and with flats.

In fact, I threw on a pair of flats and my denim jacket, which I've had for years and not really worn - and ta-da! Instantly, a relaxed attitude, that still says I'm not going to blend in - although, with hair like mine, I'm not really trying to!! 

And off I went to the GP.

Not how I usually like to use my annual leave, but never mind...

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. i still desperately want this dress, but i couldnt afford it at the time :(

  2. Yay, a smiley pic at last :-) You look gorgeous in this outfit and the denim jacket looks fab xxx