Monday 26 March 2012

Fashion Maths

Take one pair of Simply Be skinny jeans, team with low wedges from Viva La Diva
Team with a sleeveless ASOS collared dress:

 Add my new Domino Dollhouse Swing Jacket:

Add a belt:

 And you get a very happy Kathryn!

I know there is a lot going on with this outfit - dots and bows and collars and belts and the sleeves and two hems. But I love it. 

I feel it shows my 'F*** it' attitude which is developing!! It is edgy (in my mind) and different. 

Not much in the plus size world is 'different' - we've seen all bloggers everywhere snatch a version of the New Look Swallow Print dress. We're all waiting with baited breath about the Swan Collection for Evans. And I know that the new Domino Dollhouse Collection will get a LOT of attention. 

So it comes down to how we wear key pieces. How we piece it all together. How we express ourselves in what we wear. 

I wanted something whimsical today. I wanted something flowing and yet something that I wouldn't class as business dress. 

I feel confident. I feel in control. And that is what matters. 

Much love my lovelies, 

K xx


  1. Loving all the frills! Very cute ^^d

  2. you are so right. I love knowing when another blogger has the same as me and seeing how they wear it differently. xXx

  3. Lovely blog! Wearing the jacket over the dress is a great idea too. I can't wait for the Swan collection either, I want to see how everyone is wearing it! x