Sunday 11 March 2012

A rare find!!

I have lamented about the lack of vintage clothes for a fuller figure (although the likes of, and Redbowsandvintage are making their own way), I had long forgotten about a dress. A dress from my Mams recent past.

Remembering it was up there was a rare moment of:

Mam: 'Kathryn, I'm going into The Loft'
Me: 'Okay... WAIT! I'll come up with you'

I didn't want to say what I was looking for, because I couldn't remember what it looked like, the pattern, or the cut. Or, more importantly, the size.

I found it, and I actually had an intake of breath! The pattern is lush, and the cut was flattering... just the fit to worry about!

So, what is the story? My Mam was in a play set in the 50s, and needed a costume fitting to the era - but they were trying to source the wardrobe at minimal costs - which meant not renting the costumes, but searching the local charity stores etc. But my Mam had the next best thing: a Mother who sews! So Grandma rattled off this dress, made to my Mam's measurements, and well, now it fits me!!

Well, other than a bit of boob squishing, but I can live with that!!

I love it styled with the black belt, and I'm thinking bare legs (or flesh coloured tights) with my new grey shoes!

I'm wearing this now, and think it is the perfect day dress for Summer.

Not bad for a loft find!

Much love my lovelies,

K x


  1. You look beautiful :)
    Lovely dress! Looks so pretty & definetely a great loft find!

    Much love
    Charlotte xx

  2. This is adorable on you xxx

  3. Gorgeous!! Love it!!! X x

  4. Where did you get the belt from? LOVE the frock....and love that you're wearing something your granny made! A heritage piece!

  5. Such a pretty pattern! It looks perfect on you! :)

  6. Very pretty, what a great find. xXx

  7. such a lovely find, it looks gorgeous on you! Way to go creative Grandma!