Saturday 10 March 2012

Collectif to Collect!

This was the first of the two dresses I won from the Gorgeous George at

I had a £25 voucher to use at I am jealous of all you Londoners having Collectif shops to chose from, to try clothtes on, to sample to cuts of the dress! I've fallen heavily with the Delores dress, but would love to try the Regina or the Rhonda.

When looking on the website, I had decided I would wait to for a wider range of sizes to come in. My other Delores dress: - was a 22 - and I'll be honest, it is a little big, but not too big that I can't wear it!

I had promised myself my next Collectif dress would be a 20 - and if it didn't fit, I'd return it for store credit.

So, my choice of prize was to go outside of my comfort zone, as you'll notice with the next few posts! I ordered the Delores in a 20, in the White Hibiscus print:

And how did it look on me? Well:

I love it! I was planning on wearing it to meet Gok on Tuesday, having ordered some grey loafers to go with it, and hoping to find some flesh / pale coloured tights in M&S this weekend. But as Gok has been cancelled, this dress will have to wait to get an airing! But at least I know what I want to accessorise it with!!

Much love my lovelies, and many thanks to Georgina for the competition!

K x


  1. very pretty and perfect for spring/summer xXx

  2. Ohhhhh!!! Soooooo look seriously fabulous!!