Tuesday 13 March 2012

Heartbeat Song

"When we meet, I listen to your heartbeat - I can hear the rhythm and the tone... Your heartbeat song, it's good but it's not the one, we're singing out of tune, but I still want to sing with youuuuuuu"
For some reason this morning, this lyric struck a cord with me. I didn't know why at first, but after I'd listened to the song afew times it clicked,
We all have them. People we were with, even though we know we weren't suited. We were out of sync. Or, as the song says, out of tune with each other.
I know I do:
Welsh ones
Geek ones
Architect ones
Musician ones
In-Relationship ones
Ones that didn't even know I existed.
But is the past a foreign country? A country we can revist, and rewrite?
I was a different person when these were in my life. I was young, headstrong, immature even.
Being 10 years older, the arrogance of youth has turned into the confidence that I know who I am. I know what I strive for in a romantic partner. And I'm looking forward to the pitfalls of finding them. The rollercoaster of dating. The will-they-text. The 'spark'.
Some of the daliances above had the spark in droves, but it wasn't the right time for us. Or they ticked all my boxes, but there was no spark.
So, I'm going to keep listening, to see if our heatbeat song matches...
Much love my lovelies, 
K x 


  1. Such a beautiful post, and I completely and utterly get where you're coming from...the bit where you say it was a case of either spark but rubbish timing, or boxes ticked but no spark, well thats completely how I'm starting to think too...

    I really think that the elusive spark is just around the corner for you, as you're witty, intelligent, and beautiful both inside and out. Hell, in those dress you keep wearing, I'd fail to see how any guy couldnt fall head over heels for you!

  2. Love this, my past is fairly boring but I understand exactly what you mean. xxx

    You deserve the spark and the boxes all ticked too. xxx