Sunday 11 March 2012

Sizzling Scholz

As part of my competition haul from the lovely Georgina at, was a dress of my choice from!

I just could not resist the opportunity to try Anna Scholz for Simply Be for size!

After PlusNorth, I knew to size down from my usual 22, into a slimming 20, and it was no different with this:

I love the print, the colour, the draping on the sleeves, the fit of the dress in all the right places!

I'm not known for showing off my rear. It's there, it's pert (or rather, more pert than most), but it's the kind of thing that knocks things over in shops, or in my case, TVs over in classrooms when there for an interview! Here though, it looks, frankly, wonderful!

Anna clearly knows how to drape to enhance and flatter... and you pay for that in the price tag, yes, but then, this fabric looks set to last. And my wardrobe sighs under weight of another dress!!

Much love my lovelies, and again, many thanks to the lovely G!!

K x

1 comment:

  1. It looks stunning on you and it ticks my boxes - plunging v neckline, floaty unsuitable sleeves and gorgeous print. xXx